Describe YOUR PROBLEM in your OWN way; I GIVE you the BEST Lean Six Sigma Method

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Why this app:

With this app on your Android smart phone,

  1. You will NOT worry about WHAT LSS methods are suitable for your problems
  2. You DONT need to be Master Black Belt to be competent in problem solving

You can call this app as an “Intelligent Assistant” that recommends you the BEST LSS methods for your problem description. What you need is to describe your problem:

  1. in your own way in both SPEAKING or TYPYING
  2. in your own LANGUAGE (e.g., Tiếng Việt, English, Español, Deutch,…)

Moreover, this app offers you 117 LSS methods that are briefly explained:

  • Purpose of use
  • When to use
  • How to use

These methods are systematically classified in 5 phases of DMAIC*, paving the way for your problem-solving journey in any context of use:

The app also captures the most favorite LSS methods based on your habits of use.

Finally, the app is regularly updated to catch up the changes in our dynamic world.

Let “our” work together on your problem-solving journey.

*There are total 117 LSS methods, for example, ranging from: (1) Define: Baseline measurement, Benefit & Effort matrix, Communication plan, …

  1. Define: Baseline measurement, Benefit & Effort matrix, Communication plan, …
  2. Measure: Boxplots, Checksheet, Confident intervals,…
  3. Analyze: Affinity diagram, Hypothesis tests, Regression,….
  4. Improve: Analytical hierarchy process, FMEA, Design of Experiments,…
  5. Control: Control charts, Design for Six Sigma, Visual management,…

How can I do that:

  1. The app was built on Text Mining to understand any words you may give, even you speak or type a wrong word whose spelling is wrong
  2. The app was equipped with Speech-2-Text feature to understand your voice
  3. The app was embedded with a matching-and-prioritizing algorithm that suggests you the BEST LSS methods in accordance with your problem description

Detail here: Gihub


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