Lean Six Sigma – White Belt (Online Course)

Course Introduction

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is one of the most popular methodologies used to implement and maintain operations excellence in the processes of manufacturing and service businesses. For businesses, the company can save millions of dollars in operating costs each year through LSS improvement projects. Leading manufacturing companies have been deploying and developing professional LSS teams such as Toyota, Nike, Adidas, On Semiconductor and so on. For professionals, engineers in particular and workers in general, the career opportunities and industry average salary in LSS are very attractive, with millions of expert profiles and job information about LSS on different recruitment platform (e.g. LinkedIn).

The attractiveness of LSS has always been maintained over time. In which, Lean is from the Toyota production system (Toyota Production System) in the 50s; and Six Sigma is applied statistics in production and quality improvement and management with origins from Motorola in the 80’s. Today, LSS is a combination of Lean and Six Sigma, providing a method effective, robust methodology and continuous improvement by eliminating waste and minimizing variation in production and service processes.

Come to the course of Lean Six Sigma at the White Belt level, businesses and students will be aroused about the potential benefits from LSS application in production and service. For enterprises, the course creates awareness and orientation for LSS implementation. For professionals and technicians, the course helps them understand the basics of LSS — corresponding to the white belt level — to set the stage for participating in improvement projects in industries.

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Online Course – Applications of Lean Six Sigma for Manufacturing and Services (White Belt)