Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)


One of the improvement tools in manufacturing that defines an unique feature of the Toyota Production System is Quick Change Over, well known as the Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED). Reducing changeover time is a major objective of this approach by distinguishing between internal activities & external activities, and thereby providing improved measures for those activites to dwindle the total changeover time. This posts provides a practical example of an application of SMED in the reduction of changeover in a semi-automatic cutting machine.

Eventually, this SMED application was published as the scientific paper on The Journal of Agriculture and Development:

Nguyen, H. N., & Huynh, N. H. (2019). Optimizing equipment efficiency: An application of SMED methodology for SMEsThe Journal of Agriculture and Development 18(3), 1-9.

By going through this article, you are able to grasp key component of a typical improvement technique for the critical KPI of Overall Equipment Effectiveness:

  1. Theoretical concept of OEE and SMED
  2. A practical approach of SMED implementation
  3. A practical data collection procedure of OEE
  4. A practical case study in Footwear industry

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