Visualizing KPI Dashboard of Operator Productivity

Nguyễn Ngọc Hiền

In order to maintain the operator productivity associated with higher retention rate, a manufacturer shall measure its operator performance and make up appropriate incentive schemes for those operators who achieve the performance targets. This article not only shows how a practical performance measurement system was realized but it was also presented in a visual way for effortless management.

To maintain the morale and loyalty of direct production operators, the manufacturer decided to build the performance measurement systems which evaluate the operators’ productivity and attributes toward operational activities. The performance measurement systems can be varied, which depends on how the manufacturer defines the productivity measurements and which aspects will be used to evaluate the operator performance.

This article proposed the model to measure the operator performance based on the author’s practical experience in a Scaffolding manufacturing process where the operators mainly interact with machines in  production. Specifically, three categories [operational objectives, behavior and responsibility] are applied in this case. The following KPI dashboard shows this system was realized in the manufacturer:

The snapshot of user-interactive KPI dashboard shows the way to evaluate graphically the performance of each operator, which also enables the company to manage incentive policies in particular, production efficiency and effectiveness in general.

The skills utilizing the data as the sample above are quite important today due to the fact that; In practice, the huge amount of data in terms of daily productivity, defects is collected and stored in the company’s ERP system. The main objective is that how the data can be used to explore the pattern of operator productivity in particular and production performance in general, and thereby the potential improvements can be detected and then the actions can be made. One more example is to illustration of visualizing the massive chronological data in interactive modes as below illustration:

As a shot picture of the dashboard, the pattern of productivity and defects for each machine or work center can be emerged, which results the enhancement of understanding the work center’s current level of efficiency and effectiveness

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